May 4th, 2011


Osama Shirts

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If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard, Osama Bin Laden is dead. A Navy Seal team swooped into Pakistan on the first of May and took  him out and now America and her allies celebrate a decisive victory in the war on terror with the death of public enemy number one. Osama was buried at sea only hours after finding out that his 12 virgins were actually just Hitler with a makeover and a pack of sex starved demons and that has raised questions about the story already but nobody disputes that the death of Bin Laden is a real victory for America as we have been looking for him for ten years. That's kind of a long time to hide when you are public enemy number one with a fetish for releasing videos now and again.

CuriousInkling celebrate America's victory with two really cool and humorous Osama tees. We have an awesome patriotic Bin Laden dead t-shirt that says Justice Served with a powerful Uncle Sam holding up Bin Laden's deceased noggin. The design explodes with patriotic colors and makes for a terrific t-shirt to celebrate and remember this historic occasion. 

Our other Bin Laden shirt is a little more fun and a poke in the eye to all those that may shed a tear at the terrorists passing. They Killed Osama is a hilarious tee featuring South Parkesque characters saying "Oh My Allah! They Killed Osama!" One of the characters is the expired Osama Bin Laden complete with the triumphant head shot tactfully in place. The humor in this shirt is priceless and it looks terrific on either white or dark shirts. 

We have tons of new t-shirts at CuriousInkling, our Bin Laden Shirts are only a few of the new tees available so if you haven't been by the shop lately, you should pay a visit. Check out our new Osama shirts and pick one up to celebrate in humor and style. Our Bin Laden shirts come in all styles, colors and sizes for men, women and kids too. Oh and we also have out Bin Laden shirt designs on a number of collectible gifts like posters, cups and the like. They make terrific gifts for that patriotic someone you love.

Osama Shirt: Justice Served!
These Osama Shirts look terrific on either light or dark color shirts and we have tons of colors available!

Bin Laden Shirts :: Oh My Allah! They Killed Osama!

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