May 11th, 2011


Zombie Eat Flesh

 Zombie Eat Flesh T-shirt

New Zombie Eat Flesh t-shirts are now available! You might have noticed that we discontinued this very popular shirt design last year but now with the redesign we hope we can be spared the legalities of selling this very funny zombie t-shirt. We punched up the colors and added a bit more blood to make it even more suitable for true zombie lovers to wear.

We have our Zombie Eat Flesh Tees in light and dark colors

I am a HUGE fan of horror movies and zombie movies have always been my favorite. I mean really, between giant monstrosities, aliens, vampires or any other Hollywood nightmare, zombies have to be the king of scary. Well, that and spiders. I still can't watch Arachnophobia without losing my cool. Hey, it's just a phobia...people have them.

To a lot of horror fans zombies have a cool mystique. They don't sparkle, they can't normally carry on a conversation, they either move very slowly or extremely fast and agile, are usually pretty dumb and only want one thing, to eat the flesh from your bones. The fast zombies are scary muthas and the slow zombies offer a comical means of disposal which is always fun. I mean, take the scene in Shaun of the Dead where our two hapless heroes push Mary the zombie onto a post in the ground. Mary rather slowly rises to reveal a window through her tum-tum...come on new, that's comedy with a slice of pie.


For all zombie lovers we have a number of zombie tees to choose from but our latest zombie fan creation is Zombie Eat Flesh and it's one to have for sure. Zombie Eat Flesh is available on lots of styles and colors of shirts for men, women and kid sizes too. See all our graphic shirts at http;//

Zombie EAT FLESH t-shirts