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Designs for the inklings of a curious mind

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Sexy Heart T-shirts Now Available
Our Sexy Heart T-shirts are new for the Bad Girl line of shirts at CuriousInkling.com. Sexy Heart is a playful and naughty word art tee featuring a bunch of suggestive but playful words and phrases that form into the shape of a heart. The Sexy Heart design is full of flirty attitude with a sweet and innocent look. A very hot tee shirt for our Bad Girl line!

Sexy Heart Girls Ringer for $22.95! 
The above shirt is our Sexy Heart Ladies Ringer Tee for only $22.95

Sexy Heart Ladies Baby Doll Tee for only $22.95 in yummy lime green!
The above is our Lime Green Baby Doll Sexy Heart Tee for only $22.95!

Close-up of our Sexy Heart Spaghetti Strap Tank for only $20.99!
The above is our Sexy Heart Spaghetti Strap Tank for only $20.95!

We have loads more t-shirt styles, colors and sizes to choose from in the Sexy Heart design and as always our prices are sure to please for these high quality name-brand shirts.

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Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

I'm glad it helped you out on your college assignment. Heh, I would like to know what sort of college you go to. The homework must be awesome!

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